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Top discharge unit's suit applications where convenient access to a floor mounted air conditioning unit is important, or where the installation requires it. Evaporative AC is convinced that Evaporative Air Conditioning is the best way to keep your home cool. Its aim is to make the best possible evaporative cooling systems with superior features available at prices similar to its competitors. “Get more, pay less” could be the CoolBreeze motto.

CoolBreeze Evaporative Air Conditioning is committed to providing an air conditioning system for every application from residential homes to large commercial warehouses. Our in-house research and design team are constantly updating and developing innovative products to meet the needs of our clients’ right around the world. Select from our range of Residential Models – the classic Heritage or the roof hugging, low profile Cascade. For Commercial applications, CoolBreeze provides bottom, top and side discharge units as well as extra-high capacity twin fan air conditioners and the popular mobile unit – ideal for workshops, shearing sheds etc.

Better Workspace Means

Better Businesses

Extraordinary employees are at the heart of every company's success. Their hard work, innovative thinking and dedication, helps set a company apart. At Dynagro Overaseas, we are committed to make sure, your companies become a better place to work, every day.

We specialise in providing Industrial Cooling solutions for comfort cooling and dust-free environment that enhances life at work into a productive and energizing one. Tomorrow's world needs eco-friendly, energy conserving solutions that helps businesses / factories across India to capitalise on eco-friendly, energy-saving air cooling technologies as a serious alternative to harmful and inefficient air-conditioners.